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Department of Sociology, University of Delhi



Vivekananda Hall

Environmental Studies

JB MRC, Jamia

Alliance Francaise





26 to 30 November 2008

In the last few decades, analytical and empirically informed ethnographic studies and field-based research are increasingly supported by various media. An intrinsic and structural relationship between the media and contemporary ways of carrying out ethnographic research seems to have emerged. This relationship enables an understanding of the ways in which socio-cultural formations (of class, ethnicity, religiosity and identity) are represented and practiced, including in the social sciences. This link between media and ethnography is providing crucial theoretical and practical inputs to our understanding of the construction and diffusion of ideas and practices of particularism and universality, locality and globalization, diversity and uniformity.  It is also leading to a re-evaluation of the category of experience itself, with media playing a significant role in social life.

The Department of Sociology, University of Delhi, hence proposes to hold an international ethnographic film festival – the first of its kind in India – from 26 to 30  November 2008, and subsequently every two years. Such an event will provide an opportunity for a debate on the parallels and departures between the methods of classical sociological and anthropological field research and that of visual ethnographies. It will provide an opportunity to assess and define the category of the ethnographic film and of standards required to make such films pedagogically productive. 

Last date for entries: 30 July 2008



JEAN ROUCH: Friends, Fools, Family - still from the film