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Imaginations of Climate Change

Dates: 6-7 March 2014

Venue: Department of Sociology, Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi. 

Organisers: The Department of Sociology, University of Delhi  

Concept Note for the Workshop: Imaginations of Climate Change

Climate change is now a hot global topic. While it was largely perceived as invisible, inchoate, not localisable and future-oriented, a careful study of climate change shows up a growing body of societal and cultural imaginings/adaptations that relate to this phenomenon. The Workshop seeks to document and reflect on imaginings and social representations of climate change that are evident in popular cultural productions.

Visualisations of climate change are apparent in the form of cartoons, students’ drawings and textbook illustrations. ‘Climate fiction’ novelists pose critical questions and photographers frame climate change through portrayals, which are often circulated as digital exhibitions. Collectives are formed and resistances emerge to address climate change in urbanscapes and the virtual arena. The attempt to trace climate change through changing forms of Black Carbon and develop electronic boards displaying Air Quality indices to address health issues provoke us to reconceptualise the interface between science and society. Configuring adaptation strategies through ‘floating architecture’, coping with agro-economic losses and climatic disasters in different ecological zones become modes of imagining and reimagining climate change within people’s everyday experiences.

These frames explore the contemporary meanings of climate change, making social sense of emergent issues that traverse the global and local. We seek to capture the subject in its diverse manifestations and provide glimpses of a social field as it reflects on impacts upon the human species and beyond.

The Climate Change Group

Convenor: Dr. Rita Brara (ritabrara[at]yahoo.com)



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