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Rules for Using Computer Facilities of the Department

Department of Sociology

University of Delhi

Delhi 11007


Computer/Internet facility in the Department of Sociology


Rules and Regulations


1)      Computer Terminals placed in the two computer rooms on the first floor of the Department are for typing purposes, accessing Internet and OPAC/Electronic Resources (ERs) of the Delhi University library system.


2)      Only students and faculty of the Department of Sociology are permitted to use the computer terminals. No unauthorized person should accompany a user in the computer room. A staff member or faculty can ask the user to produce their identity card at any time during their use of the facility.


3)      The facility will be available between 10 and 5 pm, Monday to Friday, except on public holidays. In case the computer rooms are closed, the keys to the computer room will be available in the office and can be collected against the I-Card by the student who opens the computer room.


4)      For using a Computer Terminal by a Member, an entry has to be made in the register kept at the entry of the each computer room filling in all the details required.  After making an entry in the register, a terminal can be used initially for a period of one hour which can be extended, provided there is no demand.


5)      The computers will be subject to periodic maintenance and the hard disks may be formatted in the process. Users are expected to be judicious in their use of the facility and are responsible for safeguarding their files and folders which should not be left on the computers. Students must not remove or install any software on the computers.


6)      Users should make sure that they do not disturb other users in the facility.


7)      Smoking is prohibited in the computer rooms.


8)      In case the users encounter any difficulty in the use of any computer terminal, they will inform the staff present and make an entry in the complaints register provided in the Computer Room No. 1.  


9)      The convener of the computer committee may be contacted for any serious complaints, clarifications and suggestions.






Computer Committee


Contact Information

Telephone: 91(0)11 27667858
Address: Department of Sociology, Delhi School of Economics, 
University of Delhi (North Campus)
Delhi - 110007

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