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Important information about the interdisciplinary programme

1.  Please find out in advance as much as possible about the course that interests you.  Useful sources of information include the Sociology Department website (sociology.du.ac.in) and students of the department, who can tell you firsthand what the course was like.  This is important because changing your mind about a course can be a difficult and risky business.

2.  Once you are sure about the course you want to take (currently, all courses are available for students outside the department) you must ensure that all formalities between your home department and the Sociology department are completed very early in the semester, usually within the first two weeks.

3.  The most important formal requirement is that you must join the Department’s Tutorial Programme.  In all semesters except Semester I, tutorials start from the very beginning of the semester, latest by the second week. You must check for your name on the tutorials list, and in case it is not there you must immediately inform the Convenor of the Tutorial Programme (the office will tell you who it is in a given semester.)  If you are opting for a course offered in semesters 3 or 4, there may be scheduling issues for Tutorials, which is another reason to be alert in the first week of the semester.Please note that Tutorials are the sole method of internal assessment, that a minimum of 75% attendance is mandatory, and that – unlike the end-semester examination –tutorialscannot be repeated. (Further information on the Tutorial Programme is available on the department webpage)

4.  Having done an IDC in the Sociology department, if you wish to repeat the end-semester examination, please ensure that both departments are informed well in advance and that you collect your admit card before the beginning of the examinations for that semester.  Please do not wait till the day before the examination to deal with these requirements.

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