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Eightieth birthdays of Prof Beteille and Prof. Uberoi

About the event

The Department of Sociology celebrated the 80th birthdays of Prof.  J.P.S. Uberoi (5th September) and Prof. Andre Béteille (30th September) on 29th October, 2014 from 3-5 p.m. Apart from the students, faculty and staff of the Department, the event was attended by many former students and colleagues of the two professors. 

Professor Abhijit Dasgupta, the Head of the Department of Sociology inaugurated the event and two young students of the Department sang for the two 'young-old men'. Dr. Arpita Roy and Dr. Deepak Mehta shared  their memories and anecdotes about Prof. Uberoi while Dr. Janaki  Abraham and Dr. Ravinder Kaur reminisced about Prof. Beteille. The two professors also talked about their time in the department.  

A very innovative short presentation on the binary oppositions in the life and work of the two teachers was made by the faculty of the Lady Shri Ram College for Women. A small photo exhibition was put up by the students in the foyer of the Department The event concluded with a vote of thanks by Anirudh Raghavan,a first year MA student followed by high tea in the lovely front  lawns of the Department.

A small photographic report of the event is presented below.


The eightieth birthdays of Prof Beteille and Prof. Uberoi 

A green patch in the Department

The invite for the event



Prof. Nandini Sundar and Prof. Rita Brara, the Organisers of the event, planning the day


Prof. Uberoi and his wife Prof, Patricia Uberoi walk to the Deptt. for the event



Caricaturing the two Professors



Prof Beteille and Prof. Uberoi blow candles while Dr. Brara and others enjoy the moment



Prof. Uberoi, Prof. Beteille and Prof. Dasgupta


The gathering



Waiting and listening




Amused by Prof. Uberoi’s narration of his experiences



Please go on sir...



Prof. Nandini Sundar reading greeting messages of people who could not participate but sent their messages




Prof. Abhijit Dasgupta, the HOD, expressing his happiness on the occasion




Dr. Janaki Abraham narrating her experiences of being taught by the two Professors



Dr Ravinder Kaur, from IIT, Delhi  sharing her memories of being taught by Prof. Beteille 


Watching the presentation prepared by Lady Shriram College for Women Faculty



Prof. Beteille and Prof. Madan can be seen in the photo


(“Here is the cake.” Prof Brara, the co-organiser of the event with Prof Beteille.)




 Prof. Uberoi sharing a light moment with Vijay Pratap, his former student while Prof Patricia Uberoi and Prof. Deshpande are in the background.




 Cheerful Prof. Nandini Sundar, the co-organiser, with the students 



 Faculty members, staff and students enjoyed the Bhel-puri 



 One to one: Prof. Beteille and Prof. Deshpande. 



 Dr. Radhika Chopra greeting an alumnus of the Department



 Prof. Beteille in the former days




Prof. Uberoi with his wife Patricia

 Credits for the Photographic Report: Krishan Takhar, Anirudh Raghavan


A presentation in gratitude of Prof Beteille and Prof. Uberoi 



Credits for the Presentation: 
Department of Sociology, Lady Shri Ram College for Women (LSR), Delhi University

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