Student Related Committees

Following Committees and Programmes in the Department Address Student Related issues:

(Faculty members indicated in the list are for the year 2017-18)


Grievance Committee:

Roma Chatterji (Head)

Janaki Abraham


Mentoring Programme:


Yasmeen Arif (C)

Rajni Palriwala

Meenakshi Thapan


Persons with Disability Committee:

Satish Deshpande (C)

Janaki Abraham


Committee against  Sexual Harassment:

(Delhi School of Economics)

Janaki Abraham 


Anti Ragging Committee

Sunil Babu


A Joint Student Teacher Meeting is held in the Department every semester.

The link to the Student redressal system is available on the home page of the Department.

The contact details of the committee Members can be taken from the Faculty page and the Department Office


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