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Notice regarding Research Scholars Workshop on 27-28 March-2014


27-28 March 2014


We invite the M.Phil and Ph.D scholars to propose panels on exciting themes and questions on varied research interests for the Research Scholars’ Workshop, Spring, 2014 scheduled on 27th & 28th of March 2014. Research Scholars’ Workshop (RSW) is a biannual event anchored by the research students of the Department of Sociology.

The Panel  Convenors (any M.Phil or PhD Scholar) should attempt to anchor an engaging discussion on concepts, issues and interests drawn from their ongoing research, which not only immerse into the depths of ethnographic details but also accelerate an understanding of broader theoretical, methodological and discursive debates encountered while defining, constructing and handling the ethnographic object(s). The Panel convenor can also use her/his liberty of not presenting a paper but rather devise innovative ways of anchoring a cohesive, comprehensible and stimulating discussion. Scholars are encouraged to interact and mobilize among themselves to propose panels, each of which, used ideally, constitute both M.Phil and PhD scholars. The Panel proposal should contain a panel title, a panel abstract (500 words) and panel convenor’s name along with titles of minimum three individual papers.

Structure of the Workshop

The Workshop will have 5 to 6 panels devoted to specific themes proposed and anchored by research students. The Workshop will continue to follow the practice of allotting a discussant for each paper presentation for detailed comments and feedback.


How to Propose a Panel

Look for research projects in the department which might have broad connections with your own work. Connections might be based on broad themes and questions, objects and areas of study, conceptual schema etc. Apart from relying on the interesting discussion you might be having with fellow scholars you might also find it helpful to look up for the profiles of research students on the department website. To write the panel abstract, first summarize the theme of the panel and then add short synopsis of the each paper.

If you are not able to find or propose a panel but are still interested to present, send us a short abstract (Min. 350 words), we might find your paper relevant to any of the other panels.


Please send in your Panel Proposals & Individual Paper abstract by 20th February 2014 to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Professor Meenakshi Thapan 

Faculty Co-ordinator for Research Students' Workshop (2013-14) 



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