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Programme for Research Scholars Workshop 26-27 March, 2015

Research Scholars Workshop

26-27 March 2015 

Venue: Department of Sociology

University of Delhi




26th March 2015


Opening Session & Tea- 9.15 am to 9.30 am


9.30 am: Opening Remarks and Welcome by Head of the Department


Session 1 (9.45am- 11:30 pm): Chair: Vasundhara Bhojvaid


  • Divya Priyadarshini - Reconstructing livelihoods: Survival strategies in Savda Gherva.

 Discussant; Dr. Radhika Chopra


  • Aaradhana Dalmia - Moving with the river: Going forward, backwards and circulating.

 Discussant: Dr Rita Brara


Tea Break- 11.30 pm to 11.45 pm


Session 2 (11.45 pm to 1: 30 pm) Chair: Jyoti Gupta

  • Siddhi Bhandari - Technology, Camera and the Work of Photography.

 Discussant: Prof. Roma Chatterji


  • Sebanti Chatterjee - Of Kwai and Cocum: Sounds from Distinct Landscapes

 Discussant: Sumbul Farah


Lunch- 1:30 pm-2.30 pm


Session 3 (2.30 pm- 5 pm) Chair: Meenakshi Thapan


  • Mohd. Sayeed - Event and Affirmation: What a police encounter did to Batla House and what Batla House made of it?

 Discussant: Prof. Satish Deshpande


  • Sarbani Sharma- Everyday Politics of Mohalla Maisuma: Notes on Azadi and its Actions

 Discussant: Dr Yasmeen Arif


  • Jean- Thomas Martelli (King’s College and CSH)-The Broker and the Revolutionary: Initiatory Politics in an Indian Campus

 Discussant: Prof. Nandini Sundar



27th March 2015


Session 4 (9.30 am- 11:15 pm) Chair: Dr Jivanlata


  • Rubani Yumkhaibam- Constructing  Legitimate  Identity:  The  Role   of Media    in  Popularising Nupi Maanbis.

 Discussant: Dr Arpita Roy


  • Seram Rojesh - Police Economy

 Discussant: Dr Kamei Aphun


Tea- 11.15 am-11.30 am


Session 5 (11.30 am to 1: 15 pm): Ishita Dey


  • Prasenjit Tribhuvan- Changing cultural formations around charas and its effects on the youth of Parvati valley.

 Discussant: Dr Preeti Sampat


  • Subhashim Goswami - The Making of an Object as “Discontinuous Improvements”

Discussant: Dr Jules Naudet (CSH, New Delhi)


Lunch- 1:15 pm to 2:15 pm


Session 6 (2.15 pm- 4:45 pm) Chair: Haripriya Soibam


  • Anurita Jalan- Lone mother Families: From norm to lived realities.

 Discussant: Prof. Rajni Palriwala


  • Chayanika Pal- Looking into Beauty Parlors: First impressions of field work.

 Discussant: Dr. Parul Bhandari


  • Saba Firdaus- Women’s labour in household: An Ethnography of the Domestic Space.

 Discussant: Dr. Janaki Abraham


Concluding Remarks & Tea- 4.45 pm to 5 pm



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