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Notice regarding research scholars workshop on 7-March-2013

One-Day Research Scholars Workshop on “Field”- “Notes”


7 March 2013



How does an interest in the social translate into a research question? How do we create an object of enquiry?  This one-day workshop on “Field”- “Notes” attempts to unravel some of the questions and concerns that a researcher faces in social anthropology/ sociology. The journey from the formulation of a research question to a finished ethnography involves a critical understanding of the ways in which the “field of thought” and the “field of fieldwork” are connected to each other. Distinct methodologies help us in making that connection. 


The proposed workshop will attempt to deal with some of the connections, tensions, interfaces we face in the research process. The workshop will also attempt to discuss some of the concerns, tensions that the interface between a researcher, the field, and the processes of fieldwork generate. 


The proposed workshop will be divided into two open interactive sessions:


  1. Field
  2. Notes and Queries



  1. Field


·         Field as a site and object: how do we construct a “field” and how do we engage with the field?

·         Field Work Methods: tools, techniques and combination of methods – archives, films, texts.

·         Professional and Personal in the Field.

·     Kinds of field and their implications: innovative emergent objects; revisiting existing objects of study; the dangerous and the illicit, “studying up” or “studying down”.

·         Returning from the field


  1. Notes and Queries


  • Formulating a research proposal
  • Reading Ethnography and writing of the field
  • Writing Field notes, Writing in the field
  • Translating Notes into Ethnography
  • Writing professionally.




Short presentation notes (250 words) are invited from research students across M.Phil and Ph.D by 23 February 2013 to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  Presentation notes should address some of the above mentioned concerns and connect it to their area of research.  Presentations will be in the form of questions and problems which can generate a discussion.


For any clarification, please write to the above email id.

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