Course Work Requirements of the Ph. D. Programme

Continued registration in the Ph. D. will be subject to satisfactory progress being made in the course of the year. A candidate is required, according to the University regulations, to submit his/her thesis ordinarily within four years of the date of registration.

No candidate shall undertake any employment during the period of his/her study without the permission of the D.R.C. and the Board of Research Studies.

Without the previous permission of the D.R.C. and the Board, no candidate shall join any other course of study or appear at any other examination conducted by any university or public body.

Not later than one year after admission, a candidate may modify the scheme of his/her subject with the approval of the D.R.C. and the Board.

If a research student wants to change the topic of research after a period of one year from the date of registration, the student will be required to re-register for the Ph. D. course.

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