Evaluation Requirements

Part I: Course Work

The evaluation of the performance of candidates in each paper will be based on the assignments and written tests conducted by the teacher/teachers concerned.

In order to pass in Part I, a candidate must secure at least 50% in each paper. A candidate who fails to secure an aggregate of 50% in Part-I, but has completed all other requirements, may be permitted to move to Part-II of the M.Phil. programme (Dissertation). This is subject to securing at least 50% in each of two papers out of the three papers comprising the Part-I programme. However, such a candidate will not be eligible to submit his/her dissertation unless the minimum requirements for passing Part-I have been fulfilled by improving his/her performance in the paper in which he/ she has secured less than 50% marks.

A candidate who has secured more than 60% marks in Part-I of the M.Phil. programme has the option to seek direct admission to the Ph.D. Course for which the candidate would be required to submit a research abstract.

Part II: Dissertation

After passing the Part-I examination a student shall be required to write a dissertation. The topic and the nature of the dissertation of each candidate will be determined by an Advisory Committee consisting of two members including the supervisor. Candidates will be required to submit four typed copies of the dissertation and a soft copy on CD along with an abstract of not more than 500 words. Two copies of the dissertation should be printed on both sides of the paper and a third copy should be hard bound. The length of the M. Phil. dissertation shall ordinarily be between 10,000 to 15,000 words.

The dissertation will be submitted only when the supervisor is satisfied that it is worthy of consideration in partial fulfillment of the M.Phil. degree.

The dissertation may include results of original research, a fresh interpretation of existing facts and data, a critical review, or it may take any other form as determined by the Advisory Committee.


The evaluation of candidates in Part I and II of the M. Phil. Programme will conform to the following scheme:

Pass: At least 50% marks in each of the written papers (Part I) and 50% marks in the dissertation (Part II).

First division: 60% marks in the aggregate of Part I and II. First Division with distinction: 75% marks in the aggregate of Part I and II.

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