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Interdisciplinary Programme - 2016-17

Students of any master’s programme of the University of Delhi are eligible to opt for any course offered in the master’s programme of the Department of Sociology, one in a semester. 

A student who wishes to take a course in the department may check the tentative time-table available on the website. Interested students should also consult the Handbook of Information of the department and the syllabus before taking a decision.   

Requests to be permitted to take a paper must be given in writing in the office of the department and be addressed to the Head of the Department and the Interdisciplinary Advisory Committee.  The request must specify the paper the student wishes to take, her/his parent department, contact details (telephone number, email id and postal address) and include a paragraph as to why s/he wishes to take this paper.  The department will decide if a particular student may be allowed to take a particular course and the maximum number of non-department students it will permit in any one course. 

The last date for submitting a request to do a course in the Sociology Department in the II/IVSemester (2016-17),  as part of the interdisciplinary provision of the University, is Friday, January 10, 2017. 

M.A. (F) students (IV semester) of the department who wish to take a course in another department are expected to find out all relevant details of the course and ensure that there is no time-table clash.  They must submit a written intimation of the course they wish to take in another Department along with the time-table of the  concerned Department. They should inform the Department about their options immediately. 



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Telephone: 91(0)11 27667858
Address: Department of Sociology, Delhi School of Economics, 
University of Delhi (North Campus)
Delhi - 110007

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