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Head of the Department

Roma Chatterji 


Ph.D. (Delhi)

Research Interests: Illness Narratives, the Sociology of Art, Folklore.

Faculty Members

Janaki Abraham

Associate Professor

Ph.D. (Delhi)

Research Interests: Study of kinship, gender and caste, visual anthropology and gender and space, particularly the study of towns.


Anuja Agrawal

Associate Professor

Ph.D. (J.N.U Delhi)

Research Interests: Sociology and anthropology of family, kinship, marriage, gender, marginal people, sex work, trafficking and migration.

Kamei Aphun

Kamei Aphun

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. (J.N.U Delhi)

Research Interests: Sociology of Ethnicity, Social Movements and Conflicts, Political Sociology, Sociology of North East India, Sociology of Tribes, Sociology of Cultural studies and Identity.


Yasmeen Arif

Associate Professor

Research Interests: Politics of Life, Aftermaths of Violence and Crisis, Humanitarianisms and related international law, Urban Studies, Visuality and Films, Theory and Method in Anthropology/Sociology.


Abhijit Dasgupta

D.Phil. (Sussex)

Research Interests: Agrarian structure, sociology of development, and the sociology of social movements.


Radhika Chopra

Associate Professor

Research Interests: Militancy movements; Transnational Migration; Memory and Memorials; Gender and Masculinities; Punjab Studies; Visual cultures.


Satish Deshpande

Ph.D. (California)

Research Interests: Caste and Class Inequalities, Contemporary Social Theory, Politics and History of the Social Sciences and South-South Interactions


Tila Kumar

Assistant Professor
M.Phil. (J.N.U., Delhi)

Research Interests: History and sociology of sociology, dalit movements, sociology of India, subaltern studies, sociology of poverty, development and democracy

Vikramendra Kumar

Vikramendra Kumar

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. (Delhi University)

Research Interests: Sociology of Religion, education, development, theory and research methodology in Anthropology/Sociology, and Economic Anthropology/Sociology.


Rajni Palriwala

Ph.D. (Delhi)

Research Interests: Gender, kinship and marriage, care, citizenship, and the state, feminist theory and politics, agrarian and development studies and comparative sociology


Tulsi Patel

Ph.D. (Delhi)

Research Interests: Demographic anthropology and gender, medical sociology, anthropology of reproduction and knowledge systems, family, kinship and gender and ageing

Sashi Bhushan1

Shashi Bhushan Singh

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. (Delhi)

Research Interests: Democratic 'community', religion and social life, social movements and qualitative research methodology


Nandini Sundar

Ph.D. (Columbia University, NY)

Research Interests: Citizenship, war and counterinsurgency in South Asia, indigenous identity and politics in India, the sociology of law, and inequality


Meenakshi Thapan

Ph.D. (Delhi)

Research Interests: Sociology of education, sociology of migration and gender studies


Sudha Vasan

Associate Professor
Ph.D. (Yale)

Research Interests: Sociology and anthropology of Environment, Development, Law, Social Movements, Himalayan region


Sunil Babu C.T

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. (J.N.U)

Research Interests: Philosophy of Social Science; Social and Political Theory; Modernity and Nation-State; Caste, Media and Political Process; History of Indian Sociology; Indian Sociological Theories; Politics of Knowledge Production; Tribe, Education and the question of Marginality

Research Associates

Charu Sawhney

Research Associates

Ph.D. (J.N.U Delhi)

Research Interests: Forced Migration, Ethnic Identity, Internally Displaced Persons and Urbanization, Displacement and Gender.

Affiliated Faculty Members

Rita Brara

Senior Fellow (Retired as Professor from the Department in January 2016)

Ph.D. (Delhi)

Research Interests: Study of kinship, agrarian society, rural development and popular culture

Professor Emeritus

Andre Beteille

Professor Emeritus

M.Sc. (Calcutta), Ph.D. (Delhi)

Awarded the Padma Bhushan by the President of India

Former Faculty Members

Deepak Mehta

Associate Professor (Voluntary Retirement taken in 2014)

Ph.D. (Delhi)

Research Interests: Study of material culture, the sociology of Muslim groups in India and the sociology of violence


Meena Radhakrishna

Associate Professor (Resigned in 2013)

Ph.D. (Bombay)

Research Interests: Colonial anthropology, issues concerning communalism, and subaltern groups


Poonam Bala

Associate Professor (Resigned in 2009)
Ph.D. (University of Edinburgh, UK)

Research Interests: Social history of medicine, Alternative medicine and colonial history, Policy, health and medicine, Race, gender and health, South Asian history and Diaspora


Rabindra Ray

Associate Professor (Retired in 2013)
M.A. (Kanpur), D.Phil. (Oxon.)

Research Interests: Study of Europe, Europeanisation and issues connected with the concepts of modernity and post-modernity, violence, and terrorism