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Ph. D. Scholars

List of registered Ph.D. scholars at the Department of Sociology


Shivani Katara (2016)
Date of  Registration : 03-Feb-2016
Thesis title :Profile, awareness, barriers regarding reproductive health & family planning among married Muslim women : An ethnographic study in an Urban setting
Supervisor :  Rajni Palriwala

Priti Chandra (2016)
Email : chandrapriti0703[at]g mail.com
Date of  Registration : 10-Mar-2016
Thesis title :Understanding reproductive health services in the realm of body politics and caste in Uttar Pradesh
Supervisor : Rajni Palriwala

Jyoti Saini (2016)
Email : jsaini1988[at]gmail.com
Date of  Registration : 23-Mar-2016
Thesis title :Gender aspect of Infertility in India.
Supervisor :  Tulsi Patel/Prof. Abhijit Dasgupta

seema mahi

Seema Mahi (2016)
Email : s_mahi12[at]yahoo.co.in
Date of  Registration : 
Thesis title :Dynamics of Dalit Identity and social changes: A case Study of Dera Sant Sarwan Dass Ballan, Jalandhar, Punjab
Supervisor Radhika Chopra 

Antora Borah (2016)
Email : antoraborah88[at]gmail.com
Date of  Registration : 03-Oct-2016
Thesis title :Assam-Nagaland Foothill Border: Identity, Migration and Development of Sema Nagas and Immigrant Bangladesi
Supervisor : Shashi Bhushan Singh

Lenpu Rangla Khouchung (2016)
Email :  Lempu.khouchung[at]gmail.com
Date of  Registration : 03-Oct-2016
Thesis title :The politics and Dynamics of clan formation among kharam tribe.
Supervisor : Shashi Bhushan Singh

Prama Mukhopadhyay (2016)
Date of  Registration : 04-Oct-2016
Thesis title :The fisherman of the forest: A socio-anthropological study of the landscape of the deltaic Sundarbans in Bengal.
Supervisor :Abhijit Dasgupta

Neerab Raj Gupta (2016)
Date of  Registration : 
Thesis title :Understanding Disablity identity and the role of Academic Researches in India.
Supervisor : Satish Deshpande

Virien Chopra (2016)
Date of  Registration : 05-Oct-2016
Thesis title :How do comics communicate: Analysing semantic formations in Comics
Supervisor Radhika Chopra

Ojaswita Sharma (2016)
Date of  Registration : 
Email : OJASWITA22SHARMA[at]gmail.com
Supervisor : Roma Chatterjee

Yang  Haonan(2016)
Date of  Registration : 13-Oct-2016
Thesis title :Social Capital and Public Welfare in West China
Supervisor Abhijit Dasgupta

Priya Bharti Churiyana (2016)
Date of  Registration 
: 27-Oct-2016
Thesis title :Changes and challenges of scheduled caste girls in access to school education-Aagaland Sociological study of north west delhi
Supervisor Satish Deshpande

Ayushi Rawat (2016)
Date of  Registration 
: 31-Oct-2016
Thesis title :Researching Children Experiences in Kashmir: Perspectives on Conflict and Resistance
Supervisor Tulsi Patel/Dr.Vikramendra


Nargis Vasundhara 
Date of Registration : 23-Mar-2015
Thesis title : Female Domestic Workers in India-Reproduction of Gendered Labour in Urban Homes.
Supervisor Radhika Chopra


Saumya Malviya (April 2015)
Date of Registration : 08-Apr-2015
Email : saumya.najim[at]gmail.com
Thesis title : Metaphor and Metonymy in the Constitution of Mathematical Knowledge: An Ethnographic Exploration.
Supervisor : Roma Chatterjee

W.S.Machutmi (2015-16)
Date of Registration : 15-Apr-2015
Email : 
Thesis title : Tribes and the Notion of Land: Changes in the Agrarian Structure and Social Relations among the Tangkhul Nagas.
Supervisor : Kamei Aphun

Soumodip Sinha (2015)
Date of Registration :  
Email : soumodipsinha[at]gmail.com
Thesis title :Middle Class Youth and the Field(s) of Political Assertion: A Sociological Study of Urban India.
Supervisor : Satish Deshpande

Devika Mittal (2015-16)
Email : devikamittal31[at]gmail.com
Thesis title :'Secular' School Culture: A Study of Two Schools in Delhi.
Supervisor : Meenakashi Thapan

Bhavneet Kaur (2015-16)
Date of Registration : 04-Jun-2015
Email : ruhiluthra[at]gmail.com
Thesis title :Gendered Narrative Experiences of Memory and Resistance in Indian Administered Kashmir.
Supervisor :Yasmeen Arif

Haider Ali Askary (2015)
Date of Registration : 11-Jun-2015
Email : 
Thesis title :People, Politics and Ideology: Study of the Changing Aspects in Ladakh. 
Supervisor :
 Sudha Vasan

Kamalpreet Singh Gill (2015-16)
Date of Registration : 
Email : kamalpsingh1986[at]gmail.com
Thesis title :Oral History, Folklore, and Gender - Studying Family History in Punjab.
Supervisor Radhika Chopra

Tila1Tila Kumar
Date of Registration : 
Email : tilasocio[at]yahoo.com
Thesis title : Koshal Movement in Western Odisha: A Sociological Analysis.
Supervisor : Abhijit Dasgupta

Akriti Bhatia (2015-16)
Date of Registration : 19-Nov-2015
Email : akritibhatia01[at]gmail.com
Thesis title :Understanding urban informality and Exclusion: A Sociological study.
Supervisor : Rajni Palriwala

Kh. Neil Young (2015-16) 
Date of Registration : 20-Nov-2015
Email : neilleo24[at]gmail.com
Thesis title :Eroding Island, Shifting Lives: Socio-Ecological Change on Majuli Island, Assam. 
Supervisor :Sudha Vasan

Sadiqali T. (2015-16) 
Date of Registration : 07-Dec-2015
Email : sadiqalijnu[at]gmail.com
Thesis title :Educated Unemployed and their Families: A Sociological Study.
Supervisor : Anuja Agrawal

Amrita Middey (2015)
Date of Registration : 16-Dec-2015
Email : amritamiddey[at]gmail.com
Thesis title :A sociological study of 'Jatra'  of Bengal.
Supervisor : Anuja Agrawal

Madhulika Sonkar (2015-16) 
Date of Registration : 28-Dec-2015
Email : 
Thesis title :
Changing aspirations and challenges for Muslim girls' education: An ethnography of girls' schools in the Walled City.
Supervisor : Meenakashi Thapan

Md. Jefra V.P. (2014-15) 
Date of Registration : 24-Apr-2014

Thesis title :
Everyday Life Rhythms and Urban Social Space: A Study of Valiyangadi, Calicut, Since the 14th Century
Supervisor Radhika Chopra

K.S. Hakim (2014-15)
Date of Registration : 01-May-2014

Thesis title :
From Abstract to Concrete: A historical sociology of parliamentary communism in kerala.
Supervisor : Rajni Palriwala


Yaduvendra Pratap Singh (2014-15)
Date of Registration : 02-May-2014
Email : 
Thesis title : The Changing status of a scheduled caste: A Sociological study of  jatavs of city of meerut.
Supervisor :  Janaki Abraham

Arnav Das Sharma (2014)
Date of Registration : 15-Oct-2014
Email : arnav.vintage[at]gmail.com
Thesis title :Ravidassia: Cultural Hybridity, Religious Practice and Community
Supervisor Radhika Chopra

Afeeda KT (2014-15)
Date of Registration : 27-Oct-2014
Email : afeedakt[at]gmail.com
Thesis title :Religion and Body: Embodied Nature of Sacred Pain
Supervisor Radhika Chopra

Priti Laishram (2014-15)
Date of Registration : 12-Nov-2014
Email : pritilaishram[at]gmail.com
Thesis title : Rethinking Resistance: A sociological study of everyday life in Manipur.
Supervisor : Kamei Aphun

Anupama Ramakrishnan (2014-15)
Date of Registration : 10-DEC-2014
Email : mhalsabai[at]yahoo.co.uk
Thesis title :Ethnography of Migrants in the Andaman Islands.
Supervisor :Sudha Vasan

Nikita Kaul (2013)
Date of Registration : 22-Mar-2013
Email : nikitakaul[at]gmail.com
Thesis title (Tentative) :Crafts and Forest: Understanding the relation through the vicissitudes of power.
Supervisor :Sudha Vasan

Mr. Syed Saqib Abbas (2013)
Date of Registration : 17-Apr-2013
Thesis title (Tentative) :Science, Innovation and the Modern University Situating Science in its Social Context.
Supervisor Radhika Chopra

Sharib Zeya (2013)
Date of Registration : 15-May-2013
Email : 
Thesis title : Land and Social Interaction in Rural Bihar: A Sociological Exploration
Supervisor :Yasmeen Arif

Kim Joo-Hee (2013-14)
Date of Registration : 14-Oct-2013
Email : angela.joohee[at]gmail.com
Thesis title :Food and eating practices: Embodied ethnicity among settled migrants in Delhi.
Supervisor : Meenakashi Thapan

Nandini Hebbar N (2013-14)
Date of Registration : 17-Oct-2013
Email : nandinihebbar[at]gmail.com
Thesis title : Understanding Caste, Gender and Sexuality: A Study of Youth in South India.
Supervisor :  Janaki Abraham

Sebanti Chatterjee ( 2013-14 ) 
Date of Registration : 17-Oct-2013
Email : 
Thesis title : Western classical music in Goa and Shillong: Exploring the indigenous.
Supervisor : Roma Chatterjee

Aheli Chowdhury (2012-13)
Date of Registration : 09-Apr-2012
Email : aheli.chowdhury[at]gmail.com
Thesis title :Social Movements Post 1990s in India: Sociological Analysis of Changing Modes of Political Mobilisation
Supervisor : Satish Deshpande

Vasundhara Bhojvaid (2012-13)
Date of Registration : 11-May-2012
Email : vasu21b[at]gmail.com
Thesis title :  A Sociological Study of the Emergence of a Climate Change Agent : The case of Black Carbon
Supervisor :Yasmeen Arif


Utkarsh Kumar (2012-13)
Date of Registration : 21-May-2012
Email : 
Thesis title : Negotiating Social Boundaries through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Supervisor :Nandini Sundar

Siddhi Bhandari (2012-13) 
Date of Registration : 07-Jun-2012
Email : bhandari.siddhi[at]gmail.com
Thesis title : Photographers And Photography: A Sociological Study
Supervisor :  Janaki Abraham

Ms. Saba Firdaus (2012-13)
Date of Registration : 17-Oct-2012
Thesis title : Women's Labour in the Household: Ethnography of Domestic Space.
Supervisor :
Anuja Agrawal

Khushboo Jain (2012-13)
Date of Registration : 01-Nov-2012
Email : khusheejain[at]gmail.com
Thesis title :A Sociological Study of Street Children and Youth in Delhi.
Supervisor :  Janaki Abraham

Chayanika Pal (2012-13)
Date of Registration : 06-Nov-2012
Email : 
Thesis title :Beauty Parlours: a Sociological Study of 'Beauty Work' in India
Supervisor : Anuja Agrawal

Ms. G. Suguna (2012-13)
Date of Registration : 06-Nov-2012
Email : sug_gandhi[at]yahoo.co.in
Thesis title :Marriage practices among the Arunthathiyar caste in Tamil nadu: A Sociological Study.
Supervisor : Anuja Agrawal

Vijay Bahadur (2012-13)
Date of Registration : 12-Nov-2012
Email : 
Thesis title : Life After Bail of the Children in Juvenile Justice System and Interventions by the State: A Case Study of Delhi
Supervisor :  Janaki Abraham

Aaradhana Jhunjhunwala Dalmia (2012-13)
Date of Registration : 15-Nov-2012
Email : aaradhana25[at]gmail.com
Thesis title :The Urban, Everyday Life of a River
Supervisor :Yasmeen Arif

Mohammad Iqbal (2012-13)
Date of Registration : 19-Nov-2012
Email : iqbalindia[at]hotmail.com
Thesis title :Competing Tribal Identities: Hegemonies And Counter- Hegemonies.
Supervisor : Kamei Aphun

Ajaz Ahmad Gilani (2011-12) (Submitted)
Date of Registration : 6-April-2011
Email : ajaz.gilani[at]gmail.com
Thesis title :Delay in Justice: A Sociological Study of Undertrial Prisoners in Jammu and Kashmir with Special Reference to Central Jail, Srinagar
Supervisor : Kamei Aphun

Seram Rojesh (2011)
Date of Registration :  6-April-2011
Email : 2020manipur[at]gmail.com
Thesis title : Political Economy of Manipur, Since 1949-2010, A sociological Study
Supervisor :Nandini Sundar

Nirdosh Kumar (2011-12) (Submitted)
Date of Registration : 

Email : 
Thesis title :The Changing Socio-Economic Life of peasants in U.P. with special reference to the process of Depeasantization (Submitted)
Supervisor : Tulsi Patel

Prosenjeet TribhuvanPrasanjeet A. Tribhuvan (2011) (Submitted)
Email : prosenjeet.tribhuvan[at]gmail.com

Date of Registration :  15-Apr-2011
Thesis title : ‘Social Life of Charas (Cannabis) in Western Himalayas”.
Supervisor :Sudha Vasan

Garima Yadav (Submitted)
Date of Registration : 15-April-2011
Email : 
Thesis title :Pregnancy and Childbirth: Issues of Choice, Control and Woman’s Body
Supervisor : Tulsi Patel


Mr. Mohammad Sayeed (2011)
Date of Registration :  01-Jun-2011
Email : mohd.sayeed[at]gmail.com
Thesis title : Citizenship, Community and Urban Spaces: A Case Study.
Supervisor :Yasmeen Arif


anuritaMs. Anurita Saini (2011) (Submitted)
Date of Registration : 21-Jun-2011
Email : jalan_anurita[at]yahoo.co.in
Thesis title : Rethinking Family: A Study of lone parent families in an urban setting.
Supervisor : Meenakashi Thapan

Malini Mittal Bishnoi (Submitted)
Date of Registration :  26-June-2011
Email : mittal.malini[at]gmail.com
Thesis title :Work, Mobility and Changing Family Relations: A study of a section of South Asian Pink Collar Migrant Mothers in Kuwait
Supervisor : Meenakashi Thapan

 Subhashim Goswami
Date of Registration :  26-June-2011
Email : subhashimgoswami[at]gmail.com
Thesis title : The Making of Ethnographic Objects
Supervisor :Yasmeen Arif

Pooja Bhalla (Submitted)
Date of Registration :  01-Sept-2011
Email : 
Thesis title :Implementation of new textbooks: A study of the changing scenario at primary level classrooms in some selected schools of Delhi 
Supervisor : Meenakashi Thapan

Nidhitha Sreekumar (Submitted)
Date of Registration :  14-Sept-2011
Email : nidhitha.s[at]gmail.com
Thesis title :“How Social is Corporate Social Responsibility?” – A Sociological Analysis of CSR 
Supervisor :Yasmeen Arif


Bhavna Kataria (2011) (Submitted)
Date of Registration :  20-Sept-2011
Email : bhawna_kataria[at]yahoo.co.in
Thesis title :Gender and Work: A Study of Clerks in Government Offices
Supervisor : Rita Brara


Samuel L Chuaungo (2011) (Submitted)
Date of Registration :  20-Sept-2011
Email : 
Thesis title : Religio-Cultural Hybridity : Retracing the Steps of Christianity in Mizoram 
Supervisor : Rita Brara

Divya Priyadarshini (2011-12) (Submitted)
Date of Registration :  22-Sept-2011
Email : mail4priyadarshini[at]gmail.com
Thesis title :A Study of Displacement of Slums in Delhi Region 
Supervisor : Rita Brara


Jyoti Gupta (2011-12)
Date of Registration :  26-Sept-2011
Email : gupta_jyotee[at]yahoo.co.in
Thesis title :Social advertising and health - A sociological study of public service campaigns/programmes for rural India
Supervisor : Roma Chatterji

Rubani Yumkhaibam (2011)
Date of Registration :  29-Sept-2011
Email : 
Thesis title :Queer Sisters: An Ethnography of Manipuri Nupi Sabis
Supervisor : Anuja Agrawal

Anupriya (2011-12)
Date of Registration :  19-Oct-2011
Email : anupriyagaur_711[at]yahoo.co.in
Thesis title :The Production of Gender in everyday life at School
Supervisor :  Janaki Abraham


Sarbani Sharma (2011)
Date of Registration :  20-Oct-2011
Email : 
Thesis title : Everyday Meanings of Azadi in Kashmir
Supervisor :Nandini Sundar

Manjari Bhardwaj (2011-12)
Date of Registration : 

Email : manjarijuhi[at]gmail.com
Thesis title : "Honour and love marriages"-A sociological study
Supervisor : Tulsi Patel

Anshu Singh (2011-12)
Date of Registration :  18-Dec-2011
Email : anshusunrays[at]gmail.com
Thesis title : A Minority institute of Higher education, Muslims Identity and Urban Space: A Case study of Jamia Millia Islamia
Supervisor : Meenakashi Thapan

Arun Kumar (2010)
Date of Registration : 15-Mar-2010
Thesis title :Images of ‘M o d ern Ayu rv ed a: A Sociological Study of an Ayurvedie Hospital, a Dispensary and a private clinic in Delhi.
Supervisor :  Roma Chatterji

Saveetha Meganathan (Submitted)

Date of Registration : 06-Sept-2010
Email : 
Thesis title : The Politics of Immunization in Developing Countries: A case of the Human Papilloma Virus in India
Supervisor : Abhijit Dasgupta


Minati Kumari Dash (Submitted)
Date of Registration : 18-Oct-2010
Email : minatidash[at]gmail.com
Thesis title :Ideology in Social Movements: A case study of anti-UAIL movement in Kashipur, Odisha
Supervisor :Nandini Sundar


Reshma Radhakrishnan
Date of Registration : 18-Oct-2010
Email : resh.ra[at]gmail.com
Thesis title: The Formation(s) of a Political Subject: An Ethnography of Feminist Movement(s) in Kerala
Supervisor :  Rajni Palriwala

Vasundhara Jairath 
Date of Registration : 22-Oct-2010
Email : vasundhara.jairath[at]gmail.com
Thesis title :  Indigeneity as Assertion: Understanding Social Movements
Supervisor Sudha Vasan


Soibam Haripriya (2010-11) (Awarded)
Email : priya.soibam[at]gmail.com
Thesis title : Sacred Space, Power, Contestation and Rituals of Remembrance (Submitted in 2015)
Supervisor Radhika Chopra


S.Manikho Kohusii (2010) (Awarded)
Email : 
Thesis title :Christianity and Tribal Identity: A Sociological Study of the Mao Nagas in Manipur.
Supervisor : Abhijit Dasgupta


Sakshi Khurana (2010) (Awarded)
Email : 
Thesis title : Work, Community, and Neighbourhood: Lives of Women Informal Workers (Submitted and awarded in 2015)
Supervisor :  Rajni Palriwala


Ishita Dey (2010-11) (Awarded)
Email : deyspecial[at]gmail.com
Thesis title :Production, Caste and Ritual in Bengali Sweet Industry (submitted)
Supervisor :  Rajni Palriwala

Manoj Bandan Balsamanta (Submitted)
Date of Registration : 13-Apr-2009
Email : manojbandan[at]rediffmail.c om
Thesis title :Caste, Class and Social Capital: A Sociological Study of a College in Orissa.

Supervisor :  Satish Deshpande


Anita Sharma (2009-2010) (Submitted)
Date of Registration : 06-Nov-2009
Email : asharma24[at]gmail.com
Thesis title :Pathways of Educational Access for the Pastoral Nomadic Bakkarwals of Jammu and Kashmir (Submitted)
Supervisor : Rita Brara


Ms. Kanika Kakar (Submitted)
Date of Registration : 15-Dec-2009
Email : kanika.kakar[at]rediff mail.com
Thesis title :Tradition, Modernity and Gender in the Globalising Context: A Study of the Weaving Community of Chanderi
Supervisor :  Rajni Palriwala



Rokhsar Vakharia (2009) (Awarded)
Email : 
Thesis title :A Sociological Investigation of the Film Studio: Images, Networks and the System of Production (Submitted and awarded in 2015)
Supervisor : Deepak Mehta


Rosy Hastir (2009) (Awarded)
Email : 
Thesis title :A Transforming Homelands: Transnational Punjabi Migrants and their Links with Home (Submitted)
Supervisor Radhika Chopra

Sumbul Farah (Awarded)
Date of Registration : 30-April-2008
Email : sumbulfarah[at]gmail.com
Thesis title : Piety and Politics in local-level Islam: A case study of Barelwi Khanqah 
Supervisor : Deepak Mehta

Rekha Konsam (Submitted)
Date of Registration :  08-Sept-2008
Email : rekhakonsam[at]gmail.com
Thesis title : Cultural Contestation And The Public Space Within The Lai Haraoba Of Manipur (Submitted)
Supervisor :Roma Chatterji


Gowhar Ashraf Fazili (2008-09)
Date of Registration :  24-Sept-2008
Thesis title :Political Subjectivity in Kashmir: An Ethnographic Exploration
Supervisor :Nandini Sundar


Subhadeepta Ray (2008-09) (Awarded)
Email :
Thesis title : Recast(e)ing Science: A Sociological Study of Research Practices in Genetics
Supervisor : Rajni Palriwala


Amit Chaturvedi
Date of Registration :  05-Oct-2007
Email : sankrit.amit[at]gmail.com
Thesis title  :A Comparative Study of Two Socio-Cultural Organisations In Uttar Pradesh 
Supervisor :Roma Chatterji

Geetika Bapna (2007-08) (Awarded)
Email : geetikabapna[at]gmail.com
Thesis title :Contemporary Meanings of Marriage (Degree Awarded)
Supervisor : Satish Deshpande

Pranta Pratik Patnaik (2006-07) (Awarded)
Email : prantapratik[at]gmail.com
Thesis title :Television and Socio-Cultural Identity: An ethnographic study in Odisha (Viva Done/Degree Awarded)
Supervisor : Satish Deshpande



K.M Ziyauddin (Submitted)
Date of Registration : 28-Sept-2005
Email :  ziyakmjamia[at]gmail.com
Thesis title : Perception of Illness and Health among Dalits in Bokaro (Submitted)
Supervisor : Tulsi Patel



Akshay Kr. Chaudhary (Submitted)
Date of Registration : 01-Sept-2004
Thesis title : Dowry Among the Maithil Brahamins: Aspects of Change and Continuity.(Submitted)
Supervisor : Rajni Palriwala


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