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Research Scholars' Workshop, November 2017



DELHI – 110 007.


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Thursday 23rd

SESSION – I              :           Domestic Labour

2.00-2.20 Nargis Vasundhara Ph.D. Domestic Work: Female Labor and Waged Intimacies.

2.20- 2.40

Saba Firdaus Ph.D. Childcare as women’s work: A study of the middle class urban Indian women.
2.40-2.55 Discussant Anurita Jalan
2.55-3.30 Q & A

3.30 – 3.45                  :           Tea

SESSION – II :           Tracing Memory and History

3.45- 4.05 Bhavneet Kaur Ph.D. Metonymies of Memory: Re-tracing the remnants of time in Downtown Srinagar.
4.05-4.25 Virien Chopra Ph.D. Comics in the archive; researching the historical role of graphic narratives in India.
4.25- 4.40 Discussant Dhivya Janarthanan.
4.40-5.15 Q & A


SESSION – III           :           Performances and Practices

10.00-10.20 Nikita Kaul Ph.D. Gendered Geographies of craft: Space, Practice and Aspirations.
10.20-10.40 Sebanti Chatterjee Ph.D. Decoding the meaning of Voice.
10.40-10.55 Discussant Subhashim Goswami.
10.55-11.25 Q & A

11.25-11.40                 :           Tea

SESSION – IV           :           Conflict over Resources and Property

11.40-12.00 Utkarsh Kumar Ph.D. Corporate Social Responsibility: intentions and instrumentalities.
12.00-12.20 Sharib Zeya Ph.D. Struggling for Possession: Framing Discourses on Sovereignty and Property.
12.20-12.40 Neil Young Ph.D. The Chapori: Lives and Land in Flux.
12.40-1.00 Discussant Minati Dash.
1.00-1.30 Q & A

1.30-2.15                     :           Lunch

SESSION – V             :           Politics, Power and Citizenship

2.15-2.35 Yaduvendra Pratap Singh Ph.D. Political Experiences of Jatavs in Meerut City.
2.35-2.55 Akriti Bhatia Ph.D.

Understanding Urban Informality and Exclusion: A sociological study. 

2.55-3.10 Discussant Prasenjeet Tribhuvan
3.10-3.45 Q & A

3.45-4.00                     :           Tea

SESSION - VI: Intimate Relationships

4.00- 4.20 Manjari Bhardwaj Ph.D. Secret Romantic Relationships: honour, trust, shame, fear.
4.20-4.40 Nandini Hebbar Ph.D.

Subjectivities of Suitability

‘Intimate Aspirations’ in an Engineering College.

4.40-4.55 Discussant Geetika Bapna.
4.55-5.30 Q & A

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