Scheme of Examination

1.          English shall be the medium of instruction and examination.

2.          Examinations shall be conducted in the courses taught in each semester at the end of thatsemester as per the Academic Calendar notified by the University of Delhi.

3.           Each course will carry 100 marks and 4 (four) credits.

4.           The M.A. Examination in Sociology will have two components:

(i)   an end-of-semester written examination of two hours duration in each course at  the end of the semester in which it is taught. The maximum marks for the end-of-semester examination in each course will be 75, except in Course SOC 209 in which the end-of-semester examination will carry a maximum of 50 marks.

(ii)   a system of Continuous Internal Assessment in each course during the semester  in which it is taught. Continuous Internal Assessment will carry a maximum of 25 marks in each course, except in Course SOC 209 in which the Continuous Internal Assessment will carry a maximum of 50 marks. The Continuous Internal Assessment entails the submission of a written assignment in that course and the marks will be based on evaluations of presentations, participation in discussions and the written work submitted.

5.          No candidate will be deemed to have pursued a regular course of study in the M.A. course in  Sociology, unless she/he has attended 75% of the tutorials held in the semester, and has  submitted 75% of the total written assignments in that semester. The student cannot submit tutorial assignments unless she/he has participated in at least one discussion meeting held in that subject.

6.          The scheme and mode of evaluation applicable to non-sociology students taking courses in the Department will be the same as that applicable to the regular students of the Department.

7.          Plagiarism and cheating in the tutorials will be strictly penalized.

Note: Any of the above rules may change subject to University guidelines.

Promotion Rules (Ordinance IX, Clause 8)

Pass Percentage & Promotion Criteria

(a)   The minimum marks required to pass any paper in a semester shall be 40%. The student must secure 40% in the End Semester Examination and 40% in the total of End Semester Examination & Internal Assessment of the paper separately.

(b)   No student will be detained in I or III Semester on the basis of his/her performance in I or III Semester examination; i.e. the student will be promoted automatically from I to II and III to IV Semester.

(c)   A Student shall be eligible for promotion from 1st year to 2nd year of the course provided he/she has passed 50% of the papers of I and II Semester taken together. However, he/she will have to clear the remaining paper/s while studying in the 2nd year of the programme.

(d)   Students who do not fulfill the promotion criteria (c) above shall be declared fail in the part concerned. However, they shall have the option to retain the marks in the papers in which they have secured Pass marks as per Clause (a) above.

(e)   A student who has to reappear in a paper prescribed for Semester I/III may do so only in the odd Semester examinations to be held in November/December. A student who has to reappear in a paper prescribed for Semester II/IV may do so only in the even Semester examinations to be held in April/May.

Reappearance in passed papers:

(a)   A student may reappear in any theory paper prescribed for a semester, on foregoing in writing her/his previous performance in the paper/s concerned. This can be done only once in the immediate subsequent semester examination (for example, a student reappearing in a paper prescribed for Semester I examination, may do so along with the immediate next Semester III examination only).

(b)   A candidate who has cleared the papers of Part II (III & IV Semesters) may reappear in any paper of III or IV Semester only once, at the immediate subsequent examination on foregoing in writing her/his previous performance in the paper/s concerned, within the prescribed span period.

(Note: The candidate of this category will not be eligible to join any higher course of study)

(c)     In the case of reappearance in a paper, the result will be prepared on the basis of candidate’s current performance in the examination.

(d)   In the case of a candidate, who opts to re-appear in any paper/s under the aforesaid  provisions, on surrendering her/his earlier performance but fails to reappear in the paper/s concerned, the marks previously secured by the candidate in the paper/s in which she/he has failed to re-appear shall be taken into account while determining her/his result of the examination held currently.

(e) Reappearance in Practical examinations, dissertation, project and field work shall not be allowed.

(f)   A student who reappears in a paper shall carry forward the internal assessment marks, originally awarded.

Division Criteria:

A student who passes all the papers prescribed for Semester I & II examinations would be eligible for the degree. Such a student shall be categorized on the basis of the combined result of Semester I & II Semesters examinations as follows:-

60% or moreFirst Division

50% or more but less than 60%Second Division

40% or more but less than 50%Third Division

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