Thesis Submission and Examination

he Ph. D. thesis shall comply with the following conditions: it must be a piece of research work characterized either by the discovery of new facts or by a fresh interpretation of facts or theories. In either case it should indicate the candidate’s capacity for critical examination and judgment. It shall be satisfactory so far as its literary presentation is concerned. The candidate shall indicate how far the thesis embodies the results of her/his own research or observations and in what respect her/his investigations appear to her/him to advance the study of her/his discipline.

The candidate may incorporate in her/his thesis the contents of any work which she/he may have published on the subject, and shall inform the examiner if she/he has done so, but she/he shall not submit as the thesis, any work for which a degree has been previously conferred by this or any other University.

 A Ph.D. candidate shall not be permitted to submit her/his thesis for the Ph. D. degree unless the supervisor is satisfied that the thesis is worthy of consideration for the degree.

The candidate shall supply four printed or typed copies of his/her thesis as well as a soft copy.

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Each candidate for Ph.D. is required to take a viva-voce examination.

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