The Tutorial System

From its inception, the Department has encouraged a view of learning that links classroom interaction with active participation in smaller discussion groups. The Tutorial Programme for the students of the M.A. has been an intrinsic pillar of the Department’s programs. Since 1994-95, a system of Continuous Internal Evaluation has been introduced. In this system, each student is assigned a tutor who discusses particular topics and allocates reading and writing exercises in accordance with the needs of a student and the course.  Thus each student gets continuous feedback throughout their two years and can monitor his/her individual progress. The marks of the tutorial essay submitted in each course are included as part of the overall marks obtained in each course. In each of the 16 courses studied during the two-year span 25% of the marks secured by a student are based on performance in tutorial assignments (except SOC 209 which has an internal evaluation of 50 marks);  the annual examination in each course carries 75 marks(except SOC 209 in which the annual examination carries 50 marks). The Tutorial assignments with readings are chosen jointly by the group and the Tutor from a list of topics provided by the respective teachers of the M.A. courses at the beginning of the semester. 

Click here to download the cover page of the tutorial sheet.

Please refer to the Scheme of Examination  for further details about the tutorial programme.


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