Notice for Election of candidates to Tier I of the Internal Complaints Committee (ICC), 2022 (Revised)

Notice for Election of candidates to Tier I of the Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) at the Department of Sociology, University of Delhi

One candidate each from MA(P) and MPhil/PhD needs to be elected to Tier 1 (Please refer to the Guidelines shared by the University Chief Election Officer for further details).

Nominees eligible to contest election for Tier I of the University of Delhi’s Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) for Prevention of Sexual Harassment will have to meet the following criteria:

  1. He/She should be a student pursuing regular degree course in the University
  2. Minimum 75% attendance at previous year/ semester
  3. No backlog of papers
  4. Must have 55% consolidated marks in latest final examination
  5. Not subjected to any disciplinary action in the past and should not have any criminal record.

Additional conditions to be eligible for Tier 2 elections at the university level:

  1. Age limit for Tier 2: PG: 24-25, MPhil/PhD: 28 years
  2. Each nominee should have at least one semester remaining for obtaining the degree on the date of filing the nomination.
  3. Should not have contested 2nd tier election of the ICC in the past

Students from MA(P) and MPhil/PhD of our department are requested to nominate themselves for these positions by using the online form. Only Full time Bona Fide students of the Department are allowed to Nominate themselves. The nominations should be sent before 5pm, 16th June, 2022. The names of the nominees will be declared on the 17th June, 2022 and the elections will be held on 17th June itself.

Anuja Agrawal & Janaki Abraham

Gender Sensitisation Committee (Department of Sociology)