Scholarships & Freeships

A limited number of M.A. students will be awarded bursaries, based on their financial needs, to cover their tuition fees, in part or full.

Scholarships, medals and prizes  for M.A. Students

National Scholarships under the Centre of Advanced Study 
These scholarships are awarded to students who join the M.A. course. The number of scholarships to be awarded every year will be eight, so that in the two years together there will be maximum of sixteen scholarships. At least half of these will be awarded to graduates from universities other than the University of Delhi.

The value of the scholarships will be Rs.250/- per month. In addition, the following sums will be made available: (a) Rs.400 for the duration of the course, payable in installments of Rs.200 each year, for the purchase of books; (b) Rs. 100 to cover incidental expenses; and (c) for scholars coming from universities other than Delhi University and who do not reside in Delhi, actual 2nd class railway fare from the place of residence to Delhi and back once during the term of the scholarship.
The scholarship will normally be tenable for the period of the Master’s degree course (which includes the vacation), subject to the satisfactory progress of the scholar.
Veena Dua Memorial Scholarship
This is one scholarship of the value of Rs. 1,200/- per month to be awarded every year to a deserving M.A. (Part I) student.  The scholarship will be tenable for twelve months covering the duration of the part-I course.  It shall be renewable in the second year of the M.A. course provided the scholar obtained 55% or above marks in the aggregate of the eight papers comprising Part I of M.A course.
Professor M.S.A. Rao Memorial Merit Grant 
This is one prize of the value of Rs. 2500/ (approx.) to be awarded to deserving student of the M.A. Part II course. The prize shall be awarded every year in April of the same academic year (next calendar year).

Sanwal Memorial Prize
The Department has instituted a prize in the form of books in memory of the late Dr. R.D.  Sanwal, to be awarded to the student who secures the highest marks in M.A. Sociology.

Prof. M.S.A. Rao Memorial Gold Medal
A gold medal in memory of the late Professor M.S.A. Rao is awarded to the candidate who secures the highest marks in the M.A. (Sociology) course on Methods of Sociological Research, and obtains a first division in the aggregate of M.A. Part I and II.

Kunda Datar Gold Medal in Sociology
A gold medal, named after the late Mrs. Kunda Datar, is awarded each year to the candidate who secures the highest marks in M.A. Sociology.

Shiv Lal Sawhney Scholarship

The Shiv Lal Sawhney Scholarship has been instituted in the Department by the U.S. based family of the late Mr Sawhney who was an alumunus of Delhi University. The scholarship enables the selection of up to five M.A. (Previous) students each year to conduct fieldwork during the summer vacation between the first and second years. The fieldwork, for a period of six weeks, is to be conducted in one of the educational institutions run by the Krishnamurti Foundation (India). A comparative approach is encouraged and students may engage with other educational institutions as well. The students present their findings in research papers at a workshop organised in the department in August each year and some of the papers are selected for publication as working papers by the D.S. Kothari Centre for Science, Ethics and Education, University of Delhi.

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