SOC 109

Academic Reading and Writing Course, For the Submission

SOC 109:  ACADEMIC READING AND WRITING Semester I, August–November 2019 Please find below the List with details of paragraph summaries as displayed in the class on last Tuesday. This should be useful for the assignment you need to submit by Friday.

Academic Reading and Writing Course, 2nd Session

ACADEMIC READING & WRITING, 27 AUGUST, 2019   1. Please BRING ALL THE READING MATERIALS TO CLASS tomorrow.   2. Please be seated by 1.55pm in your respective groups according to the day’s Seating Plan.   3. Please be ready to move to the Seminar Room if your group is to move.

Reading Material for Academic Reading and Writing Class, SOC-109, 2019

All students are requested to collect the required reading material for the Academic Reading and Writing course from the photocopy shop before the class on tuesday, 20th August. This is necessary for the exercises in the class. The material will be available in the shop before the class.