Hostel Facilities

University of Delhi is one of the premier institutions of our country and hence draws a large number of students from all parts of India and abroad. The concern for the outstation students, after securing admission is the availability of a safe and comfortable accommodation. In order to meet the requirements of such students University of Delhi offers hostel facilities to both male and female students.

Men students can apply for residential accommodation in Gwyer Hall, Jubilee Hall, University Post-Graduate Men’s Hostel, V.K.R.V Rao Hostel, D.S. Kothari Hostel and Mansarovar Hostel. Women students can apply in the University Hostel for Women, Meghdoot Hostel, North-Eastern Students’ House for Women, International Students’ Hostel for Women and Ambedkar-Ganguli Students’ House for Women.

Accommodation in the residential units is available for a limited number of students of the Department admitted to M.A., M.Phil. and Ph.D. courses. Applications for accommodation must be made on the prescribed form obtainable from offices of the University Hostels. The applications must reach the hostel concerned on or before the date prescribed by the respective hostels. Students are advised to apply in more than one hostel to improve their chances of obtaining accommodation. However, hostel admissions are not guaranteed for every student.

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