List of Supervisors and Advisors for M.Phil. Batch 2021-22

S. No.Name of studentStudent E-mail IDTitle of Research ProposalSupervisorAdvisor
1ASEED KARIM HUSSAINaseedkarimhussainakh@gmail.comCommunity-Based Schooling Pattern and Education Attainment of Social mobility in the Malabar Region of KeralaVikramendra KumarJanaki Abraham
2G OM ANIRUDHomanirudh5@gmail.comCriminal justice system's impact on the marginalized: A comparative study of African Americans and Dalits of IndiaGitika DeTila Kumar
3GOKUL Sgokulcapricorn@gmail.comDo films that were once considered ?interesting? still remain so today?? An analysis of the long-term popular appeal of
Hollywood box office hits and critically acclaimed films of the period 1930-1960
Archana PrasadSunil Babu CT
4MADIHA IQBALmirzamadiha40@gmail.comGender and Identity in Hindi Cinema: A Semiological analysis of Hindi courtesan movies.Nandini SundarSunil Babu CT
5MOHONA CHAUDHURImchaudhuri96@gmail.comA Biography of Love Jihad as a Text
of the Present
Anuja AgrawalSatish Deshpande
6NANGSEL SHERPAnangselsherpa@gmail.comLiminal Citizens: Exploring gendered resistance
of Tibetan women in exile
Sudha VasanAnuja Agrawal
7NIMAL M Nnimalnoushadm@gmail.comOn the multiple meanings of Ethnography:
A Comparative Study of ethnographies of Malabar (1857-1969)
Janaki AbrahamKamei Aphun
8PRAMOD KUMARparmodkmr123@gmail.comCaste, Curriculum and Schooling: Study Of Representation of Scheduled Castes in TextbooksTila KumarSatish Deshpande
9SHIKHA SOURAVshikha.sourav28@gmail.comAbleism and Biopolitics of Mad
and Misfits at Academy
Shalini SuryanarayanVikramendra Kumar
10THOMAS MATHEWthomasmathew009@gmail.comLocating the Liminality of the ?National?
in the Everydayness of the ?Tadd???ya??
Gopa SabharwalJanaki Abraham
11UTTAM KUMARuttam132@gmail.comPerformativity and Predation: A Sociological exploration of Economic InnovationSatish DeshpandeTila Kumar

The details of College Faculty involved in Research Supervision is available here.