Notice for Ph.D. Admissions 2019

ALL Applicants (including those exempted from the Entrance Test) who are eligible to apply for the PhD program in the Department of Sociology, MUST submit a RESEARCH PROPOSAL. This is a mandatory requirement. Hard copies must be submitted in the office of the Department of Sociology, during working hours. Soft copies must be submitted at
Last date for submission of proposal to the Department will be posted on the Department website.

  • All applicants must FIRST REGISTER ON THE UNIVERSITY ADMISSIONS PORTAL. Those who do not register on the Portal CANNOT BE CONSIDERED as per University rules.

Please consult the Bulletin of Information for Admission to the MPhil/PhD programmes posted on the University of Delhi web portal.


Please note that the Ph.D. Programme is unlike all other programmes of study because there is no fixed number of seats to be filled. The number of candidates admitted depends on their suitability and preparedness for research at this level, the availability of faculty members interested in the proposed research area who also have vacant slots, and so on. None of the eligibility conditions (including, for example, a JRF fellowship, etc.) can in themselves guarantee admission.
(The number of seats announced is a theoretical maximum; the actual number considered for admission is likely to be much less.)

  • Selected candidates will be required to attend course work towards the PhD. The timetable will be posted on the Department website and the Notice Board in the Department of Sociology.