M.Phil. Scholars

Aarushie SharmaProf. Rajni PalriwalaKinship and Memory through Everyday Objects.2015
Burhan Ul Haq QurashiProf. Nandini SundarViolence and formation of the Postmodern Subject.2015
Rajat KumarProf. Rajni PalriwalaConceptualising the Politics of the Urban Poor.2015
Rameez TProf. Satish DeshpandeTradition and Everyday in the Anthropology of Islam.2015
Thomas MonteiroDr. Sudha VasanPossession Cult: Beyond Deprivation and Displacement.2015
Aishwarya PadmarajDr. Sudha VasanAn Exploration of the Depiction of animal "Selves" in academic literature.2016
Annima BahukhandiDr. Radhika Chopra(Re) Claiming History and Bearing Witness: Exploring the Silenced Exiles of Burma.2016
Ashima MittalProf. Rajni PalriwalaSpeculating Citizenship: A Sociological study of Pharmaceutical Innovation in Genomic Research.2016
Azeem AhmedProf. Satish DeshpandeDalit among Muslims: A study of Discrimination, Exclusion and Identity among Dalit Muslims.2016
Bhawna PawarDr. Shashi Bhushan SinghCaste association.2016
Debadrita SahaDr. Sudha VasanHumour: The Weapon of the Weak.2016
Elena HeisnamProf. Nandini SundarVigilantism and the State in Manipur.2016
Gailianglung PanmeiDr. Anuja AgrawalChristianity and Conversion: Satanism in Nagaland.2016
Hani Naseef KTProf. Roma ChatterjiMetaphor and Paradox in Sufi Literature: An Anthropological Account.2016
Iftikhar HussainDr. Sunil Babu C.T.Politics of Fear: A study of Donald Trump's Victory.2016
Johnson SoibamDr. Vikramendra KumarViolence and Citizen-Body: The Case of AFSPA in Manipur.2016
Mustafiz Ul HasanDr. Vikramendra KumarEveryday Life of 'Secularism': Conceptualising 'Ethnography of Secularism'.2016
NaincyProf. Abhijit DasguptaRethinking Farmer Suicides in India.2016
Navjit KaurDr. Yasmeen ArifDecomposing Money(s): Glancing at the economy through financial derivatives.2016
Nomaan HasanProf. Nandini SundarSenses of Sovereignty.2016
Rajpal DasDr. Sunil Babu C.T.Education of Scheduled Tribes: A Study of Ashram School's Genealogy and Pedagogical conflict with Indigenous and Maoist Pedagogy.2016
Raman DeepProf. Abhijit DasguptaTechnology and Society: An analysis of BT Cotton.2016
Remya Ann MathewDr. Anuja AgrawalChildhood: Through the Lens of Risk and Surveillance.2016
Riya RayDr. Janaki AbrahamBeauty and Social Stratification.2016
Samudra Sangkha GogoiDr. Kamei AphunSocialization through Presentation and Re-presentation: A study into the role of the mass media in the creation of a partitorial citizenry.2016
Shantanu Vidur NevrekarProf. Rajni PalriwalaDifferential Persistance of Food provisioning after Liberalization: Welfare, State-Poor Engagement and Development.2016
ShipraDr. Shashi Bhushan SinghOutsourced service work in Indian society: A case of Customer Relationship Management.2016
Srishty AnandDr. Yasmeen ArifUnderstanding Citizenship through the prism of Infrastructure.2016
Tejaswi ChhatwalProf. Satish DeshpandeExploring the Gendered Nature of Caste Violence.2016
A. Aswinah ZeenathSecondary School Education and its influence on students' gender socialization.2017
Abdul Shafeeque KPProf. Meenakshi ThapanGlobal Islam and the Local Response: Locating Khuran Sunnath Society.2017
Abhishek DekaProf. Abhijit DasguptaUnderstanding Aesthetic governmentality in the Gulags of Soviet Russia (1930s to 1950s).2017
Akoijam Monika ChanuDr. Reema Bhatia (Miranda House)A Sociological Study of Choice Marriages in India.2017
Amaan ShreyasProf. Roma ChatterjiTowards an Anthropology of "Fake News" in India.2017
Anmol MongiaDr. Ravi Nandan Singh (Hindu College)Sports and science: Construction of Sports Regulations.2017
Antara ChakrabartiDr. Shalini Suryanarayan (Hindu College)Revisiting City-Spaces: When Violence Becomes Chronic or Suspended.2017
Anubhav Kumar DasProf. Satish DeshpandeTowards a Sociology of Examination: An investigation into the contemporary Indian examination system.2017
Deepshree SinghProf. Rajni PalriwalaMarriage and matchmaking among the Dalits: An exploratory study.2017
Priyanka SisodiyaDr. Janaki AbrahamFeminist Movement in India and Internet Technology.2017
Radhika KannanProf. Roma ChatterjiTowards an Anthropology of Hikikomori: Locating Illness in the Socially Withdrawn.2017
Rakhi DhakaProf. Meenakshi ThapanA Study of State Policies on Women's Education: Impact on Social Position of Women in Post-Independence India.2017
Ranjeeta KempraiThe Gender Based Displacement in times of insurgency and the new identity formation of Internally Displaced Persons in Dima Hasao District, Assam.
Riya SharmaDr. Ruby Bhardwaj (Janaki Devi Mahavidyalaya)A Critique of Ethical Consumption: Values and Practices.2017
Samhita DasDr. Abhijit Kundu (Sri Venkateshwara College)A History of Addiction: Governing Bodies of Addicts from Core to Periphery.2017
Shachi SethDr. Pravati Dalua (Kamala Nehru College)Producing/Consuming Nationalistically: A study of the growth of Patanjali Ayurveda within the project of Hindu Nationalism.2017
Shafeef AhmedProf. Meenakshi ThapanSociological Analysis of School Textbooks in Kerala School Curriculum: Representation of Muslims.2017
Shambhu ChaurasiaProf. Roma ChatterjiScience and Society: A Case Study of Stem Cell Research in India.2017
Sushanti MutumDr. Archana Prasad (Kamala Nehru College)Understanding the Body and Subjectivity of Prostitute.2017
Vikas LatherProf. Nandini SundarThe Power and Politics of Hindu Nationalism: A Sociological Analysis.2017
Kana KitaokaDr. Sunil Babu C.T.The Social Life of Kalarippayattu: The Significance of Change and Continuity in Practice.2017