M.Phil. Scholars

Sameer2020Life Within & Outside the Gates: A Sociological Study of the Features of Gated CommunitiesUrna DuttaSudha Vasan
Mayur Narendra Kudupale2020Conceptualization of
'Backwardness' as a category
in Post Mandal Era
Tila KumarSatish Deshpande
Naina (W)2020Who is more able? Entry into vocational education and training in the face of informalisation and unemploymentShalini SuryanarayanVikramendra Kumar
Tawna Suanlal Valte2020Indigenous Sovereignty, Negotiations and Articulations in the Indo-Burma FrontiersNandini SundarSatish Deshpande
Shenganglu Kamei2020At the Confluence of Gender and Ethnicity: Women Peacebuilding Movement in ManipurJanaki AbrahamKamei Aphun
Kundan Sen2020Ask Your Assistant : Towards an Anthropology of the Everyday with Emergent Artificial IntelligenceAnuja AgrawalSudha Vasan
Nishaa Ghosh (W)2020The discourse of sexuality in School Curriculum: a study of youth empowerment and individual agencyAchla TandonArchana Prasad
Aseed Karim Hussain2021Community-Based Schooling Pattern and Education Attainment of Social mobility in the Malabar Region of KeralaVikramendra KumarJanaki Abraham
G Om Anirudh2021Criminal justice system's impact on the marginalized: A comparative study of African Americans and Dalits of IndiaGitika DeTila Kumar
Gokul S2021Do films that were once considered ?interesting? still remain so today?? An analysis of the long-term popular appeal of
Hollywood box office hits and critically acclaimed films of the period 1930-1960
Archana PrasadSunil Babu CT
Madiha Iqbal2021Gender and Identity in Hindi Cinema: A Semiological analysis of Hindi courtesan movies.Nandini SundarSunil Babu CT
Mohona Chaudhuri2021A Biography of Love Jihad as a Text
of the Present
Anuja AgrawalSatish Deshpande
Nangsel Sherpa2021Liminal Citizens: Exploring gendered resistance
of Tibetan women in exile
Sudha VasanAnuja Agrawal
Nimal M N2021On the multiple meanings of Ethnography:
A Comparative Study of ethnographies of Malabar (1857-1969)
Janaki AbrahamKamei Aphun
Pramod Kumar2021Caste, Curriculum and Schooling: Study Of Representation of Scheduled Castes in TextbooksTila KumarSatish Deshpande
Shikha Sourav2021Ableism and Biopolitics of Mad
and Misfits at Academy
Shalini SuryanarayanVikramendra Kumar
Thomas Mathew2021Locating the Liminality of the ?National?
in the Everydayness of the ?Tadd???ya??
Gopa SabharwalJanaki Abraham
Uttam Kumar2021Performativity and Predation: A Sociological exploration of Economic InnovationSatish DeshpandeTila Kumar