Shiv Lal Sawhney Scholarship 2019

The schools where fieldwork for the year 2019 was carried out were– Rishi Valley School in Andhra Pradesh, The Valley School in Bengaluru, and Sahyadri School in Pune.

The papers that are an outcome of this research, explore various themes that provide insights into the ways in which social inequalities are bridged and negated through pedagogic communications, and also delve into the academic and everyday conduct of students by examining their performance and notions of self. Cultures of related living within the school are also highlighted–thereby exploring the efficacy of dialogical action and emergent notions of identity and difference. There is also an exploration of the relationship between freedom and discipline by focusing on students’ roles as active agents in their negotiations with teachers and school rules.

The following Working Papers have been brought out this year:

Copyright of the papers remains with the authors