Student Queries

Please consult the University of Delhi and Department of Sociology websites if you are looking for information regarding University/Department related matters.

Students may contact the following (in the given order) if they have any further queries:

Regarding Tutorials/IDC:   Dr Sudha Vasan, Dr Shashi Bhushan Singh.

Ph.D.:   Supervisor and then if need be Prof Roma Chatterji/Prof Nandini Sundar.

M.Phil.:  Supervisor and then if need be Dr Sunil Babu.

Please also note that Dr Sunil Babu is the convener for the Mentoring and Student Welfare Programme of the Department (including issues related to SC-ST; Persons with Disability; Ragging and the Joint Students-Teachers Committee). Prof Deshpande and Dr Tila Kumar are members of the committee.

Dr Anuja Agrawal is convener of the Website Committee (Members: Prof. Deshpande, Dr. Vikramendra Kumar). You may also address Placement and Alumni related issues to her and Dr Vikramendra.

Dr Sudha Vasan and Dr Anuja Agrawal are on the committee related to issues of Sexual Harassment.

Please contact the faculty in charge if you have any related queries and issues.