Nodal Officers for May-June 2021 Examinations

The following will be the Nodal Officers for the upcoming examinations: Dr Tila Kumar E-mail: tilasocio@yahoo.com Mobile: 9968373848 Dr Kamei Aphun E-mail: kaphun@sociology.du.ac.in Mobile: 9871637202

MA Exam Forms for May/June 2021 Examinations

All students of MA IV Semester as well as ex-students of the Department who wish to repeat any papers form II/IV semester need to fill the Exam Form at the earliest in order to take the upcoming exam in May/June 2021. Please see the University Notification regarding thesame here: http://exam.du.ac.in/pdf/202102/DU-Notification-Examination-Form-19-04-2021.pdf Head, Department of Sociology