Opting for a course in the Department of Sociology (IDC)

If you are a student from another Department wanting to opt for a course in Sociology Semester III, please note the following:

The Department of Sociology is offering all the electives it offers its own students as open electives as well.

The elective courses are as follows: 
 SOC 214; SOC 220; SOC 223 and SOC 226.

You will find the details in the time table.

All these course carry 5 credits and require attendance in tutorials and submission of essays. Your time table for other courses should not clash with the course you opt in the Department.

Please fill your options here.

The contact information of the faculty can be seen on their personal pages accessible here. Additional information about the MA Sociology Course as well as Interdisciplinary courses may be accessed here

Please contact Dr. Sudha Vasan or Dr Shashi Bhushan Singh in case you have any queries.