Admissions in M.Phil. Program 2020-21

Applicants to the M.Phil. program 2020-21, of the Department of Sociology, are advised to log onto the University of Delhi website and complete the forms online.

Fill in the information with the options that are available in the form. Please do not leave any column/box blank. Where information is not relevant to you, or unavailable, please ensure that NA [Not Available] is filled into that box.

If results are awaited, please ensure that you indicate this RA [Results Awaited].

M.Phil Proposal:

A title of the proposed research area is necessary. This can be filled into the Box ‘Proposed Theme and Scope of Research’

An abstract of the proposal will be necessary. This can be filled into the box ‘Proposed Research Questions’.

The M.Phil. is based on secondary sources and analysis and interpretation of existing literature. This can be mentioned in the box ‘Proposed Methodology’.

Please consult the M.Phil page on Department of Sociology Website for further Information regarding Admission Procedure. Please consult the University of Delhi Bulletin of Information on Admissions for eligibility conditions and exemptions that may be applicable to you.